Payment methods

At The Girl Wearing you can pay 100% safe with different payment methods such as:
Pay within 14 days of delivery of your order. You will receive your invoice from Klarna by email within 1 week of delivery. You then have 14 days to pay the amount to Klarna via iDeal or banktransfer.
Klarna has its own acceptance policy over which we have no influence. If your Klarna payment is not accepted and you want insight into the reason for this, you can contact Klarna directly via Also read Klarna's general terms and conditions for post-payment.
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Pay now via iDeal with the most trusted banks of the Netherlands!
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Pay now with the Giropay method online with the most trusted german banks.
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The amount will be reserved on your credit card and debited once your order has been confirmed.

When you pay by credit card, we will ask you to enter the 3d Secure Code. If you do not have a 3d Secure Code yet, you will be automatically redirected to the website of your credit card company, so that you can create a code. 

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American Express is the most used credit card in America. When this payment is used you can easily buy your products online and pay via American express after a month ! 

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Visa debit cards provide consumers access to their everyday banking accounts including checking and savings accounts. Like a credit card, they can be used to make purchases at shops or to do routine bank transactions at a branch or through the ATM. Try now and pay with your Visa card at The girl wearing.

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With PayPal you can pay for your purchases online safely and quickly without sharing your data. Use the easy pay method ‘’Paypal link’’ whereby your purchase is done in a few minutes.  

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Pay with the TGW gift or credit card in our webshop. Add the card number of your gift or credit card to your shopping cart and you will automatically see whether you have to pay a remaining amount.



To minimize the risk of fraud, the amount is always refunded via the payment method used online.

If you have chosen to pay afterwards via Klarna, the refund or settlement of the outstanding invoice will be done via Klarna. We do not refund cash. If you paid with a gift or credit card, this will also be refunded on a gift card.