The Girl Wearing - #FORALL

The Girl Wearing - #FORALL

The Girl Wearing - #FORALL


What does diversity mean to you?

When people talk about diversity they often only talk about color. But to us diversity also means gender, ethnicity,religion, size etc. 

We wanted to highlight these aspects by setting up the #FORALL project. We brought together different people all with a unique story and we asked this group of beautiful individuals to tell us what diversity means to them. 

Samira Chemlal

My name is samira chemlal, I am 20 years old, from Utrecht. I am currently following the dental assistant training.

What does diversity means to you?
"To me, diversity means everyone is different, both inside and out, but I think that's what makes each person unique in his or her own way."

samira- vinyl long jacket

Patrisha Hassell

My name is Patrisha Hassell, I am 23 years old, from Rows and I study law at Tilburg University .

What does diversity mean to you?       

 "Diversity means that no person is the same and that is what makes it unique. We live together in a society as a unit, but everyone is themselves as an individual. Diversity makes the world a lot more interesting, because you would never meet the same person in life. Together one, but different in your own way."

Patrisha- PG black top


Eugene Demali 

My name is Eugene Demali, I am 21 years old, from Belgium and I am currently not studying.                                                                     

What does diversity mean to you?   

"Diversity is the realization that every person is unique and that there are differences between certain groups of people, dare to show yourself, open up to the other and learn from it."

Eugene-error shirt


Everdyce Arrias

My name is Everdyce Arias, I am 20 years old, from Amsterdam , and I am studying to become a dentist assistant at ROC West. 

What does diversity mean to you?                                      

"What does diversity means to me?" Is that every person is involved in moments where you would not see them in the past. In the past, everyone had an idea of what was beautiful and perfect; White, blonde and blue eyes. Not too thick but not too thin either. Now more and more people are involved; who have a different skin color / origin. Who are a bit fuller than the others. So my point in the end is that not everyone looks the same as the stereotyped image of what society has deemed beautiful."


Donicia Hofman

My name is Donicia Hofman, I am 22 years old, from Alkmaar , and I am studying to become a professional make-artist via LOI.                            

What does diversity mean to you?                                                 

"Diversity means to me changes in our society, that everyone gets accepted but also seen and heard. No one is perfect and we're stronger together."

donicia- vinyl long jacket


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